It’s that time of year again. We’re excited to welcome our newest class of City Year AmeriCorps members. During the first few weeks, we know many of you are excited, but nervous about what to expect. Whatever your questions or feelings may be, know you’re not alone. There are nearly 3,000 other individuals going through orientation, too.

We want all of our AmeriCorps members to feel prepared and confident for the year ahead. To help you start your year strong, here are five helpful resources on our blog.

Tips and Tools for a Successful Year of Service

A year in service with City Year can be filled with triumphs, challenges and surprises for both you and the students you work with every day. You will not only learn a lot about your students’ potential and strength, but also your own abilities and willpower as well. City Year AmeriCorps alumni from Boston, Jacksonville and Philadelphia offer advice and tips about working at City Year.

City Year Jacksonville AmeriCorps members wearing their red City Year jackets having fun and being silly

Living on a Stipend? There’s an App for That

Many AmeriCorps members acknowledge that one challenge they faced during their service year was learning how to budget and live on the AmeriCorps stipend. Our advice? Build positive money habits at the start of the year that will help you manage your paychecks. These resources will help you set a budget, and save on the everyday purchases like groceries or gas.

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Utilize Data to Meet Student Needs

Working with a select group of students throughout the year is paramount to the City Year AmeriCorps member role. It allows us the opportunity to hone in on students who need our support the most, and offer them specialized one-on-one support. But what exactly does working with a focus list of students entail? How do we track and use data to monitor student progress and inform our mentoring strategies? City Year Los Angeles AmeriCorps member John Carpenter answers these questions and more.

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Lean on Me: Teamwork at City Year

An essential part of being a City Year AmeriCorps member is being on a team. 

Your City Year team will be unlike any other team you’ve ever been on before. Our Impact teams take great care in building each City Year team. They strive to ensure every team includes a balance of diversity of skills, experience and backgrounds. Each teammate must play to their and their colleagues’ strengths in order to ensure we’re successful as an organization. City Year Boston alumna Rosie Levenson shares how her teammates worked together and supported one another—both during and after—her AmeriCorps year.

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How to Have a Powerful Year of Service

Our alumni and Team Leaders are a great resource. As veterans of our program, they have valuable first-hand insights and experiences that will help you transition smoothly into your AmeriCorps year. City Year Philadelphia alumna Zakiyah Ingram reminds you to be yourself and start each day with an open mind. Click to read more words of wisdom from Zakiyah. 

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