I am looking forward to the in-class experience I will gain with City Year. I hope to pursue a career in teaching, and City Year will give me the insight and experience to decide if it is the right career path. I look forward to working alongside an experienced educator and gain valuable knowledge about the teacher-student dynamic from an unfamiliar angle. 

I have had countless influences throughout my life that have shaped my identity and ideologies. However, one particular influence comes to mind when I consider my path to City Year and ultimately a career in teaching. I took an extracurricular pedagogy class during my junior and senior years of high school. One of the instructors was a social studies teacher at my rival high school, and he used his free time to teach pedagogy at various teachers' conferences, as well as classes for high school students like myself. His intelligence, dedication to his students and family, and sense of humor were inspirational to say the least. I have had many great teachers, but he stands out as the most influential because he made the idea of teaching worthwhile. I remember him explaining the joy he felt when he helped students who normally underachieved actually succeed academically. His passion and dedication to improving the lives of other people is truly remarkable, and I hope to use his lessons and guidance in my service with City Year, as well as my future career. 


Aria Brennan, 19, Northeastern University

I decided to commit to a year of service after volunteering at a youth service organization called the Vietnamese-American Initiative for Development. My school, Northeastern University, assigned me to serve there as part of my scholarship, but I kept at it after my hours were complete--it's the highlight of my week! I tutor BPS students in 1st-5th grades, all of whom come from deeply disadvantaged backgrounds. Many of them just do not get the support they need at school, so I had to try to fill that gap in a couple of hours a day. It simply wasn't enough. I realized quickly that I wanted to serve with City Year, to better support students whose needs are left unmet in the school environment. 

I found that at Viet-AID, many of my students had never had role models who had overcome the challenges they themselves faced; I had the same problem growing up. I sometimes felt that no one from my background, with my problems, could be successful, because I couldn't list any examples of people who had. I find it very satisfying that I can now be that role model for them, as someone who aged out of the foster care system and went on to complete college early.


Claudia Candido 22, University of Arizona

I am of Salvadoran decent and I am a first generation Hispanic American and I am the first person out of my entire family to go to college. I am also the only person in my family to pursue an education out of state. I decided to do a year of service before going on to graduate school for a plethora of reasons, but my main reason is my desire to give back to the community. 



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