Executive Leadership & Site Operations 

Headshot of City Year Denver Staff Member Morris Price

Morris Price, Jr.

Vice President &
Executive Director
Phone: 303.226.4873
Email: mprice1@cityyear.org 

Headshot of City Year Denver Staff Member Emily Matthews

Emily Matthews   

Site Operations Director
Phone: 303.226.4892
Email:  ematthews@cityyear.org

    Head shot of staff member Claire Wang     

  Claire Wang

Site Operations Coordinator
Phone: 303.226.4874
Email:  cwang1@cityyear.org


Head shot of staff member Tracy Valentine

Tracy Valentine

Managing Director,
Phone: 303.226.4872
Email: tvalentine@cityyear.org

Headshot of City Year Denver Staff Member Ashleigh Arnall

Ashleigh Arnall

Philanthropy and Corporate 
Relations Director
Phone: 303.226.4882
Email: aarnall@cityyear.org

Headshot of Angel Paige

To Be Hired

Development Manager


Headshot of City Year Denver Staff Member Caleb Zuniga

Caleb Zuniga

Impact Director:
Phone: 602.647.0229
Email: czuniga@cityyear.org

Headshot of Ashley Davis

Ashley Davis

Impact Director:
Grant Management & Evaluation
Phone: 303.226.4879
Email: adavis12@cityyear.org

Head shot of staff member Emily Themer

Emily Themer

Learning & Analytics Manager
Phone: 815.514.0010
Email: ethemer@cityyear.org

Headshot of City Year Denver Staff Member Brittanyanne Cahill

Brittanyanne Cahill

Impact Coach
Phone: 478.262.6682 
Email: bcahill@cityyear.org


Headshot of City Year Denver Staff Member Anthony Sabo

Anthony Sabo

Impact Manager | Skinner 
Phone: 513.259.1943
Email: asabo@cityyear.org

Headshot of staff member Colby A Smith

Colby A. Smith

Impact Manager | Compass
Phone: 510.508.6288
Email: smith5@cityyear.org

Hailey MaWhinney

Impact Manager | JFK
Phone: 407.335.7354
Email: hmawhinney@cityyear.org

Ian Cavasos

Impact Manager | GW & Hill
Phone: 916.251.6145
Email: icavasos@cityyear.org

Lucy Bryan

Impact Manager | Highline
Phone: 303.520.0005
Email: lbryan2@cityyear.org

Headshot of Staff Member Tayler Stuger

Tayler Stuger

Impact Manager | McMeen & DDS
Phone: 312.995.0835
Email: tstuger@cityyear.org


Headshot of staff member Tom Dillow

Tom Dillow

Impact Manager | Lake & North
Phone: 303.717.5659
Email: tdillow@cityyear.org