It’s October, and the mornings are growing chillier and darker by the day. Even so, the small but mighty Power Center Academy Middle and High School team faithfully gathers at 6:40 a.m., bundled up in vests, cardigans and red jackets, minds ready and hearts steady for service. The sun begins to rise as we greet scholars with a cheerful “Good morning” and a high-five or fist bump, and we are rewarded with a brief but brilliantly painted sky of vibrant pink and orange hues. 


During school hours, our AmeriCorps Members support math classes for 6th through 9th grades, helping explain concepts such as ratios and the Pythagorean theorem with patience and encouragement. Quarter 1 has just come to a close, and report cards were distributed on Friday, October 19. One of our current objectives is for our AmeriCorps Members to meet with each of their select 12 mentees to review and reflect on their grades and set goals for the remainder of the semester. Shout-out to the 70 9th graders who earned 26 A’s and 44 B’s in Algebra and the 113 Middle School scholars who had perfect attendance! 


This month, we are also pushing forward with small group tutoring sessions and school-wide initiatives to boost attendance, positive behavior and overall school culture. AmeriCorps Members are creating and executing tailored interventions to strengthen foundational skills in multiplication/division and fractions, and scholars will have opportunities to be entered into a drawing for a chance of winning a special lunchtime party with City Year or being recognized as an honorary City Year for a day, red jacket included. 


Additionally, the City Year After School Club, which started in mid-September, is continuing strong. At the Middle School, an average of 13 scholars attend to participate in math-based enrichment games on Mondays and receive homework help on Tuesdays. On the High School side, enrollment has gone up in the last few weeks as testing season approaches. 


We are excited to continue working with our scholars and seeing them grow and thrive!

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