• 4/10/19
    Ripples of Hope
  • 5/5/19
    Service Days
  • 5/31/19
  • 10/24/19
    Aim, Believe, and Change: The Power of Women
  • 2/13/20
    18-Minute Networking
  • Opening Day

Ripples of Hope

On April 10, 2019, we will honor Mr. Carlos Alvarez and celebrate the powerful impact City Year San Antonio makes in our partner schools and communities.


Service Days

Physical service days bring diverse groups of people together for high-impact physical service in schools, neighborhoods, and other communal areas that transforms communities and inspires citizens to believe that each of us can make a difference.



At the end of May, City Year gathers to honor AmeriCorps members’ year of service by thanking them for their passion and dedication to national service. We bring in key speakers, have a diploma ceremony, and award gifts of appreciation and distinction.